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In Petersburg again became more active lzhe - doctors

Anna Ivanovna the person at heart mistrustful. But even it could not resist a pressure the cardiologist of local polyclinic . The Young man called at its door and presented by the doctor, persistently persuaded the grandmother to buy a miracle - the device which will heal from all illnesses, and almost will not return youth.

- to you, as to the pensioner - blokadnitse - a discount. In total - that will cost 5900 roubles, - he persuaded the taken aback pensioner.

Such trusting old men and old women it has appeared much. But then to the guy has ceased to carry. During any moment it was frightened off by the casual witness, and the swindler has shamefully run away from a scene of crime, without having forgotten to take, nevertheless, both money, and the useless unit.

- Employees of a criminal investigation department 19 - go department of militia of the Vyborg area have calculated the person and the place of residence of the young man and have detained him, - have informed in a press - service GuVdMuzhchine 22 years, it comes from the Rostov region. It seems that on its bill the whole series such sales . The question on criminal case excitation is solved.