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Swedish a socialism leaves in the past

About   Sweden which often named model Scandinavian a socialism in respect of creation of the cosy and spacious house for middle class, now speak with the big grief.

the New research spent by the Central association of trade unions of the Scandinavian country, shows that in structure of incomes of the Swedish population for one and a half decades there were simply drama changes.

So, from 1991 for 2007 the richest tenth part of the Swedish people has doubled the incomes almost - for 88 percent. For the same time incomes of the poorest tenth part of the population of the Scandinavian country have increased only by 15 percent.

That is,   the rich receive from the general pie the increasing income, and to the detriment of the poor. These eloquent figures are published on Tuesday, on December, 8th, on debatable page of the newspaper of Dagens Njuheter.

In the country, applying long time for creation of the most fair, equal in rights and rich society, return processes have started to operate. Here it is necessary to notice that these processes of increase in a difference in population incomes are characteristic not only for Sweden, but also for the majority of industrially developed countries.

Experts of the Central association of trade unions of Sweden notice that methodical and more and more obvious backlog of the weakest groups of a society has appeared the most disturbing result of research, the author of research and article in Dagens Njuheter Irene Vennemu speaks.

First of all it is people patients, the unemployed and those who has been urged to retire ahead of time. In this group there were the most striking changes - she confirms.

It is counted up that for the specified period of time incomes of the unemployed sick, left on premature pension on a state of health increased all by 0,86 percent a year. At the same time average incomes of businessmen and farmers increased incomparably more quickly - by 4,4 percent a year, informs the Swedish radio.