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Picture of day: Yaroslavl, on December, 9th

Today, on December, 9th, Day of heroes of Fatherland in Russia.

Deputies will gather for the next session of municipality. An agenda main point: the budget of Yaroslavl for 2010. Besides, people`s choices will accept the address investment program for new year, and also will define buildings which should be privatised. One more interesting question are changes in the city General layout. Deputies should make the decision on building of Butusovsky park and to countenance or reject the offer of the mayor to exclude from a nature protection zone a piece of quay Kotoroslnoj from the Tolbuhinsky bridge to Moskovsky prospectus.  

At 14 o`clock 30 minutes in the house of educators will begin the master - a class the Yaroslavl souvenir for tutors of boarding schools, children`s homes and groups of the prolonged day of schools.

At 15 o`clock   In a museum of Fighting Glory will traditionally hand over passports to pupils of schools of Lenin area.

In the mayoralty the video conference concerning indemnification of expenses on payment of premises and utilities in the monetary form at 17 o`clock starts.

for Fans of a jazz wait tonight in the city jazz centre. On a scene - Alexander Sipjagin (New York) and MosGorTrio Jacob Okunja (Moscow).

the Name-day is marked by Athanasius, Vasily, George, Daniel, Ivan, Ilya, Innokenty, Nazar, Nikolay, Peter, the Julian, Jacob.