Rus News Journal

“ At me under a bed 1,5 kilogrammes of trotyl. I to you will arrange New year! “

when one of managers fast - fuda, located in city centre, in the end of day looked through a complaint book, at it hair has on end risen. Not only that the book has been used up by a perfect floor-mat so the phrase in the end flaunted, from - for which to the owner of McDonald`s poplohelo

-     “ I will blow up you in New year!, - wrote νεθηβεcςνϋι, - At my place, under a bed it is stored one and a half kilogrammes of trotyl! “

further a companion explained for what wants to blow up McDonald`s - to it has bothered that it badly serve and tastelessly feed. That the message looked more plausibly, the unknown person has left ostensibly the address (as it was then found out, it was the address of its friend, sweat to which have calculated “ the terrorist “)

Having gasped, the administration has rushed to militia. In McDonald`s all services of a city - firemen, militia, the Ministry of Emergency Measures have urgently left. Evacuated from cafe of people, have checked up a building - the bomb is not present.

- the Book of complaints have given for examination and began to search for the malefactor, - tells a press - the secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs on Krasnogorsky area Oksana Shljahtina - Have withdrawn video from chambers and have seen all who left record in the book. It was found out that record has left 18 - summer teenager Anton from Dedovska, by the way the repeat client. He even was known by sight by many sellers - the guy constantly carped, leading up cleaners and sellers to hysterics. That shouted that on tables is not cleaned, the meal was not pleasant. Nevertheless, the guy almost came every day.  

when it have found, it long opened, but then admitted that record in a complaint book -   his hands business.
- trotyl at it any was not, it is simple “ has joked “ - Oksana supposedly speaks has bothered that in McDonald`s to it eternally are rude. Now against it criminal case under 207 article " is brought; obviously false denunciation “ (till three years).