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Volkovsky theatre nominated on the Gold mask

Today, on December, 8th, in the Center of a name of Mejerholda has taken place a press - conference on which declared the list of nominees on the National theatrical award the Gold Mask 2010. It included performance of the Russian state academic drama theatre of a name of Feodor Volkova the Grief from mind directed by Igor Selina. For inclusion in the list of nominees on reception of the most prestigious the theatrical award volkovtsam needed in Russia to pass two tours: selection among the sent video records of performances, and then otsmotr known theatrical critics - participants of advisory councils the Gold Mask . As a result the Grief from mind it is presented at once in 5 nominations: the Best performance in a drama - the Big form the Best work of the director - Igor Selin, The best work of the artist at drama theatre - Alexander Orlov, the Best work of the artist all over the world at drama theatre - Gleb Filshtinsky, the Best man`s role - Alexey Kuzmin.

C   on March, 27th on April, 16th the Volkovsky theatre will take part in XVI festival the Gold Mask   after that the decision on award award will be accepted.