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Details of a robbery of jewelry store in the centre of Samara: robbers have stolen ornaments on a half-million of roubles

the Attack has occurred on November, 29th at seven o`clock in the evening. Four unknown persons in masks have rushed into jewelry store Adamas which is Leningrad 54.

- All to lay down on a floor, - two robbers have cried out, threatening with a pistol. Saleswomen in horror were hid behind racks.

two More men in masks cleaned in the meantime counters. Except dragotsennastej, predators have pulled down two thousand roubles from shop cash desk. While employees Adamasa came to the senses, robbers had time to disappear in an unknown direction.

- Now on the given fact criminal case under article " is brought; a robbery - has explained the inspector of the SOU at the OHM 6   Maria Vojtenko. - While signs attacking and their site are not established. According to employees of shop, unknown persons have taken out ornaments for a total sum of five hundred thousand roubles.

we Will remind that the similar attack on jewelry store has occurred in Kirovsk area of Samara approximately one month ago (details in our note see). Probably, a robbery in city centre - a handwork of the same criminals.