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The Siberian who has robed the American budget, is denounced on one and a half year

One of these days court the Dignity - Diego has sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment 23 - summer   novosibirtsa     Maxim Maltsev. We will remind, the guy have detained in the beginning of May of this year at airport Los - Andzhelesa. Under the version of the American special services, Maxim has created on the Internet a free site on filling of tax declarations then money of approximate American tax bearers began to leave not in treasury of the USA, and on a personal bill of the Siberian. For swindle of the guy it has been decided to judge in a city the Dignity - Diego, time clearing on the security to it have refused.    

As informs local American edition San Diego Union Tribune, the sentence for Maxim has sounded past Monday. On versions of public prosecutor Karen Hevitt, losses of Americans from visitation of a site of Maxim have made 105 thousand dollars. In total the Siberian has deceived 65 persons.    

By the way, in May foretold exod of this process. Then the assistant to the Russian consul in the Dignity - Frantsisko has declared to us that Maxim will receive such term for the committed crime - 18 months:  

- the Innocence of the Siberian will be proved by two lawyers: American and Russian, - has told then Alexey Dobrinsky, the assistant to the consul in the Dignity - Frantsisko. - the punishment Measure will depend, of course, on the sum on which he has managed to deceive the state. But already today lawyers say that to Maltsev will give term in 18 months.    

- For us 18 months are much, - then Dobrinsky Svetlana Dolgopolov, Maxim`s girl has commented on the statement. Are one and a half year to be imprisoned another`s country that you did not make! Lawyer Stefan Brodsky whom we have employed for Maxim`s protection, has told that will try to reduce this term - about two months. Also, we were reached by the information that Maxim and at all can release - the American special services through it now want to leave on the present swindlers. After all all it is clear that Maxim is guilt-free!    

However, words and Svetlana`s hopes, seemingly, could not come true