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While the man fought with taxi drivers, at it umyknuli 50 thousand

In the night from Saturday to Sunday jaroslavets revellers in one of cafe in the street Freedom, the occasion was excellent   - it was possible to turn the transaction for a round sum. Simply sin   not to note such business! Having properly pumped up by alcohol, the man has solved   - will suffice, it is time to sail away home and has moved to an exit. Near to an institution there were some cars of a taxi, but all drivers have refused to carry it.

- Excuse, the brother, drunk we do not carry, - one of taxi drivers sharply cut off. - to us superfluous problems to what.

- Yes you have become impudent in nature! - the angered man has driven into drivers and has rushed on them with fists.

Fight was fastened instantly. During incident the drunk tease also has not noticed, how the man purse where there was a large sum of the successful transaction - 50 thousand roubles has dropped out of hands. During this moment by a turmoil there passed sharp enough young man. The guy has picked up a man purse rolling on road a foot, has packed under a mouse and has disappeared in an unknown direction.

Fight with taxi drivers has ended for jaroslavtsa with a black eye and the flattened out nose, but the horror has captured it much later when he has found out that the bag with money has evaporated. The man has run in militia. Check on the given fact proceeds, field investigators have already planned a circle of suspects. However, to detain the clever fellow yet it was not possible.