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Peter Vail

to Peter Vail has died there were only 60 years. He has died in Czechia, in the Prague hospital where has got in August, 2008 with the diagnosis a heart attack .

Vail`s That heart attack was very heavy and atypical - the writer long time has stayed in a clod, and since then serious heart troubles did not leave it. To normal life, despite efforts of doctors and a prayer of friends and relatives, Peter Vail and could not return. The writer in Prague still had wife Elvira, or the Ale as he it tenderly called on Russian manners, and the son from first marriage Konstantin 37 years living in New York.

Peter Vail was born in Riga on September, 29th, 1949. Has ended polygraphic institute in Moscow, and in 77 - the m has left to year in the USA. It was the bright representative of a galaxy of writers - men of the seventies, was on friendly terms and worked with Sergey Dovlatov heading the emigrant newspaper the New American With Alexander Genis (in the co-authorship writers have written some remarkable books, for example Russian cuisine in exile ) . And Peter Vail was on friendly terms with the ancestor of a present postmodernism to Vagrichem Bahchanjanom which too have died more recently - in November. In emigration Vail has got acquainted with legendary Joseph Brodsky and later became the composer of collections of its poetry.

This generation of writers and journalists in the sausage emigration held a high lath and Russian, and culture on a broader scale. Having lost the Native land, they have found the aggravated feeling of national pride and the sober relation to life.

Vail spoke about itself: I - the Russian writer - also was extremely formed person. Friends listened with delight to its stories about art, architecture Vail also was one of founders of Academy of Russian modern literature.

to Cooperate with radio Freedom Vail has begun in New York in 1988. In 1995 - m it has arrived to Prague and has headed there Russian service Freedom .

the Books, left to us Vail: the Genius of a place a native land Map Verses about me Lost paradise 60 - e: the world of the Soviet person Amerikana Russian cuisine in exile Native speech Joseph Brodsky: works and days .


Writer Alexander Kabakov:

- the largest figures of our generation - men of the seventies Leave one after another. And with it, you want you do not want, it is necessary to reconcile. And the main thing - to draw conclusions. It becomes now clear, that our generation costed that we have made. And the main thing - that had not time to make and that it is necessary to hurry.

(Has written down Anastas Pleshakov.)

Endurances from Peter Vail and Alexander Genis`s book Lost paradise. Emigration: self-portrait attempt

We have lost set of things and concepts. But the first among losses - dream. Elegant and intimate dream of paradise. As blindly we believed in its practicability. Paradise was located at first at home - if Lenin it was live then in the West - there live people in America . And, at last, we have lost belief in an ideal already in this America.

Here we in life have appeared for the first time alone with life. Not with dream of it, not with hypothetical reasonings, not with a habitual utopia - is not present, we have come for the first time to a definitive atheistic conclusion - paradise is not present.

Now we are doomed to sobriety. It can be the heartrending experience for the people who have been grown up on ideals intoxicating by revolutionism. Problems of a celebration of universal justice, equality and happiness remained in the half-forgotten past.

New life begins on the ashes of the burnt down belief. Instead of a joyful and pure utopia of a world brotherhood, we have appeared in gloomy loneliness. And loneliness existential. We are given to ourselves. For us there are no grandiose defects of our last native land more, ahead there are no shining tops of the native land new. Now at us the native land is not present on a broader scale.

But we have got: Breadth of vision, possibility to compare, jeans, freedom, fear before it, fud - stempy, the American citizenship, Chinese cuisine, a tolerance bright example, sexual revolution, a chewing gum, synagogues, Gumilev`s collected works, a kind on Freedom monument, panic horror before criminality, practicalness, cockroaches, jotas - mastiffs, enchanting bookshops, round-the-clock television, overseas travel

And at last we have come to that bitter conclusion to which wise men sooner or later come, ascetics and drunkards - the person one, and only it is responsible for itself(himself). Neither five-years periods, nor dissidents, the American democracy cannot neither help, nor prevent the person to be oneself is always occurs inside, instead of outside. The Russian person, having passed tempting by two social structures, it has appeared in loneliness - it one, he but, and all good, and all bad Contains in its personal, unique destiny