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Obama: Decrease in taxes, investments into an infrastructure and ecology can prevail against unemployment

US president Barack Obama intend to struggle with unemployment by means of decrease in taxes for the enterprises of small-scale business, additional investments into infrastructural both ecological projects and discipline toughenings in financial sphere.

Obama acts on Tuesday with the big speech on economy at the Washington Brukingsky institute.

According to the president, from the program accepted in 2008 on disposal of problem actives for which it has been allocated 700 billion dollars, remains more 200 billion. The president suggests to spend this money for measures on decrease in the rate of unemployment, 10 % reaching now, and budgetary deficiency.

On the basis of the measures provided by the anti-recessionary legislation, we with a view of support of development of small-scale business in this year offer a complete liquidation of taxes to incomes of a gain of the capital for investments into small-scale business - Obama has told.

the President was converted to the head of Ministry of Finance Timoti Gajtneru with the request to continue to direct remained from the program on disposal of problem actives of means for support of crediting of the enterprises of small-scale business.

In - the second, we suggest to increase investments into a national infrastructure over the measures put in an anti-recessionary package. These are projects necessary for the people which will involve the private companies and thus contribute I will engage employees on all country - Obama has noted.

He has added that control over efficiency of investments, their transparency and results is made a duty to the vice-president of the USA Joseph Bajdenu.

We will see more works and workers on the projects provided by the law on anti-recessionary measures, in the nearest half a year, than we saw in passed half a year - the head of the state has assured.

In - the third, I have asked the congress to consider the new program of encouragements for those who will convert the houses from the point of view of more rational expenditure of energy. These initiatives help creation of workplaces, allow families to save means and reduce level of the pollution menacing to environment. And I suggest to expand some measures provided by the anti-recessionary legislation for advancement of idea of power efficiency and creation of workplaces in sphere of protection of environment - quotes the US president of RIA Novosti news agency.