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Chess: Karlsen has offended “ the kid “ Kramnik

In London started strong chess tournament, vkotorom 8 grand masters play on circular system. The best rating imeetmagnus Karlsen (2801). Afterwards behind it there is our Vladimir Kramnik (2772). ZHrebijsvel in the first tour of two leaders, where 14 - j the world champion black ustupilvoshodjashchej to the Norwegian star which is trained by Harry Kasparov.
In tournament except Kramnik and Karlsena σχΰρςβσώς:Υθκΰπσ Nakamura (the USA, 2715), Nigel Short (England, 2707), Michael Adams (England, 2698), Hua (China, 2665), Ljuk Makshejn (England, 2615), David Hauell (England, 2597). It is curious that on tournament the football system of calculation ξχκξβ:ηΰ victory is applied 3 points, for a drawn game - 1, for defeat - 0 are awarded. turnirprodlitsja from December, 8 till December, 15th.