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Doctors hope to save a foot bobsleistke Skvortsovoj

in the Evening on Tuesday, on December, 8th, a press - the attache of Federation of bobsled and skeletona Russia (FBSR) Lyudmilas Kozlovoj, has informed that   there can be a chance to save to the girl a foot. By words   the brigade of doctors will try to clean Skvortsovoj vessels in muscles.

planned operation is now spent. Surgeons will open muscles and to clean vessels. This operation is not directed to realities on amputation. If doctors see that it is required, then they will make the decision - has declared Kozlova.

Skvortsova was in a status of an artificial coma, on the eve of it deduced from this status. Now she should worry some difficult operations in city clinic   Traunshtajn in Bavaria.  

At first it has been declared that amputations not to avoid. However, by words Kozlovoj, doctors will make the decision only after will examine a foot completely.

Irina Skvortsova was traumatised on November, 23rd - its bean has faced a men`s team bean on a line in Kenigzee. Sportsmen spent training. On 21 - the summer sportswoman the main blow has had.

on December, 1st to Germany there have arrived physicians Federal mediko - biological agency of the Russian Federation - for the help to Irina, informs RIA Novosti news agency

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