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Hadzhimurat Gatsalov is recognised by the best sportsman of the North Ossetia in 2009

In the North Ossetia are summed up traditional poll among journalists on a rank of the best athlete of republic in the Olympic and not Olympic sports. The fighter of a freestyle of Hadzhimurat Gatsalov became the winner of present competition.

the Triumpher Olympic Games of 2004 in Athenes, the quadruple winner of the World championships, the triple champion of Europe celebrated success in poll with a solid separation from fellow countrymen - rivals. Really, this year became rather successful for the native of village Chikola. In particular, in the Danish city of Herninge 26 - the summer athlete (by the way, very soon - on December, 11th, Hadzhimurat will note the 27 - letie) following the results of final fight of the championship of a planet in a weight category to 96 kgs in the fourth time in the career has risen on the top step of a podium.

Gold Initiative of the senior companion in the homeland of prince Hamlet one more winner of journalistic competition, legkoves from Vladikavkaz has supported Besik Kuduhov (a category to 60 kgs). The prize-winner of Olympic Games - 2008 and already the double world champion has received silver from Osset sharks of a feather following the results of poll. And symbolical bronze has got to fencer Aide Shanaevoj who also became not so long ago the winner of the championship of a planet.

Besides,   to ten best have got a newly made triumpher of superiority of Europe Dzhanaev (judo), triple " Is banished; silver the prize-winner of the World championships Svetlana Tsarukaeva (weightlifting), the winner of the European championship Is banished Ktsoev (free-style wrestling), the owner of a World Cup and a rank of the champion of Russia, silver the prize-winner of the championship of the Old World Murat Gasiev (judo), silver Prize-winners of Surdlimpijsky Games Hamlet Gabaraev and Alan Kuchiev (free-style wrestling), and also Robert Dzantiev (football).

In a rating - sheet among representatives of not Olympic sports the winner of the World Games, " took priority; silver the prize-winner of the European championship, the champion of Russia on carat Maria Sobol. The world champion on a kickboxing Alan Kotsoev has located on the second position, and the world champion and Europe on armsportu Irina Makeeva has closed a three of favourites of the press.

the champion of a planet and the country also are included In ten best Diana Albegova, world champions Vyacheslav Muriev and Arsene Liliev, the champion of Europe, silver the prize-winner of the World championship of Hadzhimurat Zoloev (all - armsport), the champion of continent Batraz Tsabolov (sumo), winners of superiority of Europe among juniors Alan Shadjan and Zaur Albegov (kickboxing).

In 2009 athletes from the North Ossetia have won in the World championships eight awards of the higher test (plus three silver and bronze ) Six times rose on the top step of a podium following the results of the European championships, have received 23 gold medals for successes in the championships of Russia. Besides, young sportsmen from RSO - Alanii have brought 18 trophies from superiority of a planet and continent.

It is necessary to mention successful participation of the North Ossetia sportsmen in Surdlimpijsky Games. On Taiwan Russian national team became the winner obshchekomandnogo offset, and the contribution to this success was brought by representatives RSO - Alanii. Fighters of a freestyle, champions of Russia among invalids on hearing Alan Kuchiev and Hamlet Gabaraev following the results of fights in the weight categories have received silver   and Vyacheslav Dzebisov has closed a three of the best. Arcady Kochiev, Leonid Misunov and Robert Dzantiev as a part of a football national team have been awarded silver tournament awards.


North Caucasian volnikov has awarded also Club sports struggle of CSKA, which colour they protect. Awards and memorable prizes from army department world champions of 2009 from the North Ossetia have received Hadzhimurat Gatsalov and Besik Kuduhov, and also Biljal of Moves protecting honour of Kabardino - Balkarii.