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Debts under the salary in Khabarovsk for a week were reduced to 69 million roubles

In Khabarovsk the delayed debts under the salary for a week was reduced to 69 million roubles and has made 253,7 million roubles. This decrease has occurred at the expense of partial calculations to the personnel of the gone bankrupt company Dalavia .

For the same period debts under the salary, to the contrary, have grown in Open Society the Khabarovsk ship-building factory (on 9,6 million roubles), Open Society Building management DVO (8,9 million roubles) and Open Society Habarovskelektrosetremont (0,9 million roubles).

As to current debts under the salary it, according to management of economic development of administration of Khabarovsk, as of December, 4th has made at the enterprises of a city of 65,1 million roubles. From - for heavy financially - an economic situation personnel reduction proceeds - for week of 13 enterprises and establishments have notified the city Center of employment of the population on forthcoming dismissal of 93 persons. Thereby, from the beginning of year total number of the workers who have got under reduction, has made in Khabarovsk 5. 289 persons. Not all from them were registered in job searches, having preferred to make it it is independent, though in the employment Center to needing Russian citizens are ready to offer 5. 265 vacancies. On the account here today officially are registered 2. 710 persons, and a rate of unemployment from the middle of November stably keep on a mark of 0,86 % - the lowest indicator in Khabarovsk territory. Informs news agency REGNUM