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Civil objects DVO in Khabarovsk « will disconnect »

Habarovskenergosbyt has directed official preventions to heads of Kvartirno - operational management of Far East military district (KEU DVO) about the planned terminations of deliveries of the electric power on the minor objects of management located in Khabarovsk and in Khabarovsk area.

Since December, 8th the power company will reduce deliveries of the electric power to nineteen objects, in which number sports, cultural and administrative agencies. Electrical supply restrictions will be entered for following objects: lighting masts of stadium of Lenin, the Museum of fighting glory, swimming pool and building ODORA, the cafe located along the street Shevchenko, department on tourism of Far East military district along the street Serysheva. Restrictions also will be entered for management of Kvartirno - an operational part along the street Pavlovicha, Officers` Clubs of the Russian army in settlement Red small river in Khabarovsk. Also the object list included premises of management KECH in village the Prince - Volkonsky and base KECH on highway East in Khabarovsk.

to Apply restrictive sanctions concerning objects of KEU DVO Open Society DEK it is urged from - for debts of management at a rate of 127 million roubles, and also from - for deficiency of limits of budgetary obligations for which bill management could extinguish debts. That is the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation for payment of a power consumption of objects of KEU DVO allocates the sum which does not correspond to real current consumption objects of management. Thus the documents guaranteeing payment all consumed over limits of budgetary obligations of the electric power, in Open Society DEK from party KEU DVO did not arrive. Under forecasts of branch of Open Society DEK Habarovskenergosbyt made on the basis of the analysis of actual average consumption by objects of KEU DVO, the debt of management till the end of 2009 will come nearer to 160 million roubles.

Besides references to a management of KEU DVO Open Society management DEK sent letters to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, but power consumption financing has not been reconsidered.

to Cancel restrictions of an electrical supply of objects Far East kvartirno - operational management in Khabarovsk territory we can only after reception of the documents confirming the fact of allocation and the statement when due hereunder of limits of power consumption, both in watt - hours, and in roubles - director Habarovskenergosbyta Sergey Bad has declared. Informs the EAST - MEDIA