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In Khabarovsk the New Year`s action « started; we Will save the childhood »

we Will save the childhood - so named the action in the Khabarovsk scientific organisation of schoolboys where two hundred senior pupils from 26 schools have united almost.   though to   to a science this action   does not concern, inquisitive mind carried away by researches   children, has prompted them idea of cooperation with contemporaries in   children`s homes.

In the beginning   the chairman of school scientific organisation Julia Martynova has suggested to collect for them scientifically - popular books, and then others have thought up -   by New year to give gifts and to younger children. And, not only in   children`s homes, but also social drawing rooms, having arranged   for them feasts. Considering responsibility of the forthcoming action, have decided to resort to   to support   townspeople - collectively composed the reference text, have stuck it   in microdistricts of the schools.   schoolboys for two weeks have already collected impressive piles of books, are filled with toys and the big boxes. As children speak, bring the most favourite and   expensive since the childhood. And still bring money - that parents have given out on pocket expenses. In 19 - j to school, for example, are going to buy   something from technics. In children`s homes schoolboys plan to pass gifts personally   -   from hand to hand, to communicate to children, to play with them, to talk. And at school 19   prepare New Year`s performance to show it in children`s home 4. Informs the EAST - MEDIA