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Medvedev: It was the long, very sated day

Russia will continue to support economy of Belarus, the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on a press - conferences has declared following the results of negotiations with the Belarus colleague Alexander Lukashenko on Thursday.

We spent and we will pursue a policy, directed on the help and support of the Belarus economy - Medvedev has told.

He has voiced hope that those decisions which were accepted both within the limits of Union State, and within the limits of procedures which we spent in a bilateral order, will contribute in minimisation of consequences of financial crisis .

It was the long, very sated day which reflects relations between the Russian Federation and Belarus in all their completeness, and those huge prospects which are, and those unresolved problems in which nonstop (we) with Alexander Grigorevichem were engaged last eight hours - Medvedev has told.

Such meetings are very useful, because consistently working, discussing very difficult subjects, voicing disputable positions, leaving on the compromise, we finally contribute in in what we should be engaged as presidents of our countries - to improvement of quality of life of our citizens, citizens of Union State - quotes RIA Novosti news agency of the president of the Russian Federation.