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Clinton: While it is not known, when work on the new contract on SNV

the Question on when negotiations from the Russian Federation under the new agreement on SNV while remains opened will be finished will end, has told on Thursday to journalists US State Secretary Hillari Clinton.

Period of validity of the old contract on SNV has expired on December, 5th without possibility of its prolongation. Despite continuous consultations, Russia and the USA yet have not signed the new document which will define not only quantity and quality of the further reductions, but also the new mechanism of check and control.

We strenuously work now within the limits of last stage of negotiations on SNV. I think that both parties are attached to the purpose to finish process of preparation of the new contract. A question in when it happens - has noted Clinton.

She has told that American peregovorshchiki have informed it on questions on which for the present it is necessary to agree.

The day before the official representative of US State department Ian of Kelly has informed that the basic part of the text of the new contract from the Russian Federation on strategic offensive arms (SNV) is already ready.

the Present basis of the agreement, I think, it is co-ordinated. The text most part is co-ordinated, but we still need to work some remaining problems. I cannot foretell precisely when it will occur - has told Kelly.

He has underlined that both parties are attached to intention to finish work on the document till the end of the year, but the main thing for peregovorshchikov - to receive the good contract equitable to interests of stability and security of both countries, and also giving necessary tools of verification of observance of the obligations ordered to it.

Earlier the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in connection with contract term expiration SNV - 1 has extended the statement in which it is said that according to the commission of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and US president Barack Obama the hard work on preparation for signing polnoformatnogo the bilateral legally obliging contract on measures on the further reduction and restriction of strategic offensive arms " approaches end; passes RIA Novosti news agency.