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In Lithuania free trade in the gas weapon

Such decision the government of Lithuania is forbidden has accepted under the European Union recommendation after in a number of the special service countries have detained parties of the gas weapon IZH and Baikal .

It was found out that trunks which criminal groupings wanted to use, are brought from Lithuania and altered in fire-arms.  

In Lithuania traffic in arms of these stamps is already forbidden, but the rest while is on sale without the admission of law-enforcement services to have the weapon. Now it is enough to buyer of the gas weapon to show the identification card to be convinced of its majority. In other countries and including in Russia, trade in the gas weapon is without the permission forbidden.

From next year everyone who already has the gas weapon or will want it to get, will be urged to prove that the weapon is necessary for self-defence. If such belief will not be, the police will refuse admission delivery, and the early got weapon is necessary to confiscation and destruction - the chief of Weapon fund of Lithuania confirms.