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In Kazan the former minister of a monastery judge for heroin sale

Not differently, as 26 - summer Paul L - the former cantor of church chorus of one of monasteries of Tatarstan, the evil spirit poputal. Four years ago religious rite ban has been imposed on it for various wrongdoings.

It have decided to use as the intermediary by heroin transfer. On what went, and that was stored in treasured parcel, Paul perfectly knew.

Nevertheless as have told in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of Tatarstan, on October, 14th this year at the acquaintance - 27 - summer Edward With. That parcel took. And further companions assumed to sell a part of the packed heroin this very day.
on it also have got to employees of Management of federal service on control over drug trafficking across Tatarstan. The consequence has established that shortly before it Edward has got not less than 1,2224 grammes of heroin and has packaged it on accurate bags.

- In the relation and the minister of a monastery and it podelnika criminal case for sale of drugs on preliminary arrangement by a group of persons in the large size is brought, - have told in a press - service UFSKN of the Russian Federation on RT. - For it it are threatened with a maximum of 12 years of a colony of a high security.