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The Khabarovsk Office of Public Prosecutor has assumed that 3 schoolgirls « have agreed » on cruel rape Nanaian zamprokurora

the assistant to the regional public prosecutor Suspected of a sexual crime is sponsored in every possible way by native department. Without denying the fact of a criminal conduct, in Office of Public Prosecutor suggest to qualify prospective brutal violence lasting many hours as corruption in consent.

the Khabarovsk Office of Public Prosecutor insists on additional check concerning the assistant to the public prosecutor of Nanaian area Victor Basova accused of pedophilia. The management of supervising department considers “ illegal, unreasonable, unmotivated and premature “ the decision on excitation of criminal case concerning Basova.

we Will remind, in the beginning of week Victor Basov has been detained, and against it have brought action on charge in rape. The decision was accepted workers of investigatory management at regional Office of Public Prosecutor. Almost instantly the management of supervising department has stifled the initiative of inspectors: the decision on business excitation have suspended, and Victor Basova have set free. All it spoke what too early to do any conclusions though the assistant to the regional public prosecutor at all did not deny the fact of sexual contacts to girls.

Stay of criminal case by the public prosecutor of edge “ does not stop carrying out by investigatory management of edge SKP of full, objective and all-round check “ on purpose “ acceptances lawful, proved and motivirovannogo decisions “ and also “ criminal prosecution guilty and applications to it of measures of remedial compulsion “ it is marked in the white paper. The public prosecutor of edge also has specified to investigatory management in set of certificates “ incompleteness of the spent check “.

“ Thus categorical statements about absence in actions of Basova of signs of the crimes provided by articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation “ Rape “ and “ Violent acts of sexual character “ did not become “ - have underlined in Office of Public Prosecutor.

Besides, it is offered to investigatory body to consider the problem on presence in actions of Basova of structure of the crime provided by article 134 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (the sexual intercourse with the person who has not reached 16 - summer age).

Beat and forced by turns, threatening with murder

the Assistant to the public prosecutor Victor Basov it is accused of rape of three girls 1994 - 1995 of a birth. Statements for rape have entered militia bodies on December, 6th, in day cīāåšųåķč’ crimes. This very day Basses has been detained, but already on December, 7th it is set free according to the decision of the public prosecutor of edge on criminal case stay.

“ by the Consequence it is established that on December, 6th the assistant to the regional public prosecutor in the privately owned vehicle has raped and has made violent acts of sexual character concerning three minor girls “ - results the comment of the assistant administrator of investigatory management (SOU) at Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory of Ilya Gudkova.

According to the inspectors, two fifteen-year schoolgirls came back home and caught poputku. Victor Basov was called them to bring up, and when those have sat down in the car, has thrown with a loop a neck of one of them.

Threatening that will strangle the girl, zamprokurora began to beat and force its girl-friend. Has then changed schoolgirls roles and, again threatening with murder, has forced them to entice into the car the third victim who walked a dog: on the misfortune the schoolgirl herself has called schoolmates simply to chat.

As earlier it was informed, rape in the car lasted from 4 o`clock in the morning to 13 o`clock in the afternoon. Then the pedophile has dragged all three girls in apartment and there again forced. Only by noon it has released two hostages then victims have rushed at once to militia. Field investigators, having beaten out a door in apartment, have found zamprokurora directly on a scene of crime when it scoffed at the third victim.

“ the Pedophile in the law “

Sexual violation of minors - a crime from the category especially heavy. To imagine that the pedophile taken on a scene of crime, will be released on freedom, it seems impossible, writes the edition. However the shocking decision of Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory next day has followed: detention has been cancelled, and the public prosecutor - the pedophile has appeared at liberty. Moreover, have cancelled even the decision about criminal case excitation.

hearings why so have gently managed with the arrested person At once have gone. His father long worked as the regional public prosecutor in the same edge, and recently became the vice-president of regional court.

long process bureaucratic " Now has begun; buttings “ between investigatory and supervising departments. “ we have written the petition for cancellation of the decision of Office of Public Prosecutor to the heads “ - makes comments on an unprecedented situation zamrukovoditelja investigatory management at Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory Konstantin Lysenko.

If chairman SKP Alexander Bastrykin will support subordinates the petition will leave to Public prosecutor Yury Chajke.

“ In the event that the General public prosecutor will agree with a consequence position, business will be considered raised “ - Lysenko continues to argue.

Earlier such crime was considered heavy, and now from - for changes of the law it became especially heavy. The assistant to public prosecutor Basova have already dismissed, but it made a crime being at a post. And, when him detained, field investigators at all did not know that it the public prosecutor.

Now Basses it is released both from a post, and from detention. Being free, it can quite disappear, believes the edition.

we Will underline, what even the public prosecutor`s bosses who are regularly carrying out a role of lawyers of Basova, do not dare to deny the fact of terrible threefold rape. And the accused has declared after detention that recognises “ the affinity fact “ however “ all was in consent “.

inspectors do not have doubts that girls were forced. “ I saw these girls, they with bruises … Parents drowned in tears “ - the assistant administrator of the SOU Ilya Gudkov explained earlier.

we Will add also that in this case is a question about “ the good, nurtured, house girls “ Which hardly would began to show any sexual initiative from its part on purpose to discredit a reputation Nanaian zamprokurora.

It is remarkable that regional public prosecutor Vitaly Kaplunov who made the scandalous decision on clearing of the pedophile, denies presence at Victor Basova of any communications at the highest levels.

“ It not so “ - Kaplunov has evasively responded to a direct question of journalists.

Kaplunov has explained The decision on additional check by flaws of guards. “ it has been made because dosledstvennaja check was is spent superficially and incomplete “ - the public prosecutor has added.

He also has referred on “ special articles in Criminally - the remedial code which concern conducting investigatory actions concerning public prosecutors “. “ In documents which have been given us by a consequence, infringements were visible, - the high-ranking official of supervising department has declared. - for example, proceeding from these documents, there are no facts that Basova have detained on a scene of crime “.

the Public prosecutor also has explained that till January, 2008 of Basses worked as the senior inspector of investigatory department of Industrial area of Khabarovsk.

the Duma “ has joined “

Scandal with Victor Basovym has already drawn attention of members of the State Duma. On Wednesday the shameful subject was lifted at plenary session of the lower chamber of parliament by the deputy from “ an United Russia “ a member of the Duma committee on economic policy and business Sergey Zheleznjak.

“ In mass-media the horrible case which took place in Khabarovsk territory, - threefold rape of minors of which Victor Basov " is suspected zamprokurora Nanaian area is widely discussed; - the member of parliament has told. He has urged colleagues to support its legal commission to committee on security “ in details to understand this information and if it proves to be true, to achieve that the guilty have been punished on all severity of the law, and also to finish the information to deputies of the State Duma “. From its part the vice-president of the Duma committee on security Vladimir Kolesnikov, responding the colleague, has informed that the profile committee already holds the given situation on control.

Meanwhile we will underline that almost same business lasts more year in the next Sakhalin region. There the Office of Public Prosecutor already has twice refused to confirm the bill of particulars on criminal case 38 - the summer assistant to the public prosecutor of Kuril area of area Sergey Ermakova. It is accused of rapes of boys.

Ermakov has worked ten years in bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor. The consequence has established that, training at leisure pupils of children`s sports school in the city of Kurilske, the public prosecutor corrupted wards. 10 teenagers became its victims at least.

Now Ermakov plays for time, getting acquainted with the bill of particulars. Therefore the court at the desire of the inspector has established for it 20 - dnevnyj term of perusal of business. When this term will come to an end, criminal case will be not for the first time sent any more to the public prosecutor for the charge statement. It is possible to guess only, a leah will confirm its public prosecutor this time. We will remind that affairs against so-called spetssubektov which the public prosecutor concerns also, are conducted by special order. Informs “ newsru “