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Since January, 1st the Khabarovsk exempts will pay the electric power in full

Since January, 1st, 2010 subscribers - the exempts living in Khabarovsk territory, should pay the consumed electric power in full. The measure of social support in an abacus - receipts of Habarovskenergosbyta will not be reflected. It is connected by that the administration of Khabarovsk territory according to changes of the legislation regarding granting of privileges will start to compensate to these citizens a privilege for payment of the electric power by money resources.

the Company reminds that the preferential categories of citizens living in Solar and Verhnebureinsky area of edge,   have started to pay off for the electric power in full since August of this year. The size preferential watt - the hours put each category of exempts, is confirmed by Order of purpose and payment of monthly monetary indemnification in   the Decision 184 - pr the Governments of Khabarovsk territory. Thus, the administration compensates a privilege for payment of the electric power by money resources according to the limit defined for everyone category.

On the questions connected with change of the mechanism of granting of a privilege for payment of the electric power, it is necessary to be converted into territorial departments of social protection of the population in a residence. Informs the EAST - MEDIA