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On store regiments of Khabarovsk of milk so many that eyes run up

In supermarkets of the regional centre today third - powder is about fifty kinds of milk among which the pasteurised product prevails. In interventions of the dairy river zavozimoj to Khabarovsk territory, on the first place - primortsy with amurchanami.

- that all - taki is more - the present milk or powder? - Has taken an interest at the head of department eating and process industry of the Ministry of Agriculture of Khabarovsk territory of Alexander Kurochkin.

- On 60 thousand tons of milk rasstaralis this year ours burenki. But it is not enough of it: we add a powder.

As he has informed, dried milk in local dairy products already 35 percent.

How much milk and another`s on counters?

In edge work 13 molokopererabatyvajushchih the enterprises using both integral, and dried milk. Without a powder units manage: Open Society Artel staratelej the Cupid Open Society Bifidum Open Company SHPO Khabarovsk Open Company East . In territorial administrations of the consumer market of edge, Rosselhoznadzora, Rospotrebnadzora, city department of the food-processing industry and food resources streams of the All-Russia dairy river on counters are not considered. By data krajstata, for 2008 by economy of all patterns of ownership it is realised in trade more than 50 thousand tons of whole-milk production. Self-sufficiency milk in edge made 18 percent from requirement of the population. It is easy to count up, skolkih workers of agriculture it is fed in other regions.

How to distinguish milk from a drink

And you reflected, why it is possible to store one milk in the refrigerator of all some days, and another can stand half a year on a regiment? eternal milk, for example, carry from Belarus by rail, it freezes at customs, warehouses of shops, and term of its validity months. And if it has turned sour?

- Zavozimaja dairy production gets to edge on counters with certificates of manufacturers, with the compounding, working lives, - the expert on certification of milk and dairy products of Open Company " speaks; the Khabarovsk centre of standardization, metrology and certification Natalia Egorov. - term establish, who in what is ready. A compounding - too! Where to bear the delayed product? It is easier to buyer to throw out a bottle of sour milk in a garbage can, than for examination!

According to the expert, complaints and references from townspeople on Bad milk is not present. The local enterprises checked once a year are subject to obligatory certification. To distinguish restored a product from dried milk and live from integral it is impossible from - for absence of special techniques of definition of its quality, state standard. Such researches are not spent, there is no special equipment.

to Judge quality of milk remains on to taste, colour, a smell More effectively to supervise not contents of packages, and a parity of the raw materials bought by the enterprise and finished goods.

Nevertheless to distinguish milk from a drink it is possible.

the Expert advises:

- Pay attention to price lists on counters: on them it is written - or milk or a dairy drink . If a doubtful product have got, drip milk on a thumb nail - if the drop spreads - means, water all - taki is, if is kept - milk did not get divorced.

Depending on applied technology milk happens: natural (without fat extraction), normalised (the fat maintenance is lowered), restored (dried milk is diluted by water), rekombinirovannym (consists of a fat-free powder, butter, water), gomogenizirovannym (fat is crushed).

If to know these nuances, becomes clear that inscriptions on packings Natural restored or Natural rekombinirovannoe contradict to itself. The second it is not given and cannot be.

The period of storage of a dairy product less, the it is more useful. It is better to drink the pasteurised milk, than sterilised. Whose? More preferably from local manufacturers, than from chuzhedalnih.

Unfortunately, on labels it is not underlined, as the restored milk is prepared. Quite often it lead up to the necessary fat content by means of vegetative components, do long-playing use preservatives.

be swept away cannot ultrapasteurized . And also sterilised or processed by means of other high-temperature technologies. Sometimes them mark with English abbreviation UHT. Sour cream on which packing there is such designation, dead . The present sour cream not lives it is more than week.

Everything that is stored longer, it is better to be careful. Many manufacturers generously add in sour cream also soya napolnitel, the beef and pork fibers. The quantity of pseudo-milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and other dairy products, as a rule, increases in the winter when there is a deficiency of natural milk. Informs the Pacific Star