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Spartak Primorski Krai has amplified two attacking

New faces in the ranks of a favorite team will be seen by seaside fans in house   a match 11 - on December, 12th against revdinskogo Rate - SUMZ . In the basic structure spartakovtsev addition: two attacking with which the club has already signed the contract.

- the Given players urged to fill up a line of an attack of the command in which the gap after Dmitry Pervuhina`s trauma was formed, and also to give to attacking actions is red - white a new impulse, - tells a press - club service.

Both players confronted time and again seaside with basketball players, and here having received the full information about attacking, having seen them in business, the trainer`s staff and a management of club have made decision to invite children in the team.  

So, the first debutant - 25 - summer sportsman Sergey Romanov. At growth of 202 centimetres it weighs 96 kgs. Matches enter into its track record for the Moscow commands: Moscow - 2 Spartak - 2 the Dynamo Triumph . In career Sergey - 198 games, from them - 145 in the Russian Superleague.

Other forward, Romanov, Sergey Krasnikov`s namesake has growth of 202 centimetres and weight of 97 kgs. For the 30 years it has supported: CSKA, Khimki and Surgut University - Jugra . FOR the sports career it has spent 495 games, from them - 397 in the Russian Superleague, typing on the average on 7. 8 points and doing 2. 5 selections for game.