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From streets of Vladivostok at last - that townspeople have removed snow

all the week long swore: say, snow has dropped out on Saturday, and it till now cannot clean! Driving on a city - all the same that extreme arrival on impassability to reach work and at home - unless on foot. As I dreamt every morning that here I wake up - and snow is not present, stoppers have resolved, transport goes And after all has waited - taki!

Leaving the house, I already habitually on foot have moved towards work. Thought, I will consider as usual standing in a stopper with Okatovoj of a wheelbarrow. An - is not present! The road has been cleaned from Zmeinki, and, obviously scraped honesty, practically to asphalt.

- the Snow-removing technics worked all night long - with 22. 00 to 6. 00 mornings. Streets were cleaned by 175 units of technics: 76 special vehicles of road services and 99 - the involved organisations. It is a tractor - brushes and peskorazbrasyvateli, face-to-face and rotornye snow loaders, graders, bulldozers, dredges, dump-body trucks. In total during the night from the city territory it is taken out 12 591 cubic metre of snow, - have commented in a press - city administration service. - 38 cars will work and today during the day.

Basically, with a problem have consulted. Today Sports and Meadow have sighed freely. However, huge heaps of dirty snow, for example, with Vilkova, and have not cleaned. Probably, were not in time. Have forgotten as and about sidewalks.

But, seemingly, it is necessary to rejoice not long - by the evening as weather forecasters promise, the city again will fill up snow. The traffic police of Vladivostok asks not to leave without emergency necessity and not to throw a car along roads - the snow-removing technics will work.

Still yesterday Vladivostok simply stood.
the Photo: Natalia ZHELDAK

About snowdrifts on Vilkova, possibly, have forgotten.
a photo: Natalia ZHELDAK