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In Moscow renew film displays under live music

Cinema in style 2000 - h is popkorn, aerated water and a surround sound. The cinema in style 50 - h years of the last century is an ice-cream and lemonade without preservatives, live music. Many it is sincere nostalgirujut under such cultural program. For such Muscovites   there is a good news: since this Saturday projects Walks across Moscow SovArh Moscow which is not present the Retroimage known for the bent for to perfect capital of the past years, start the new project - film displays in style 50 - h years of the twentieth century. All will be almost how in post-war kinoshke - an old kind film   Behind a department store show-window (Mosfilm, 1955) , music before a session and fashion show of that epoch. The ticket price in the film past - 250 roubles.

When: on Saturday, on December, 12th, in 15 - 00

Where: club Only good news a Pushkin Square, d. 5

it is important: display will pass not in a specialised cinema, seats can   not to suffice, organizers convincingly ask all wishing to reserve tickets in advance, having sent the demand to the address moskva@kotoroy. net