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The reason of wreck of the helicopter « Robinson » under Ust - the error of the pilot

experts from the commission the POPPY became Recently Rolling have made the conclusion of investigation of an air crash which has occurred in Perm on September, 14th this year (read Near Perm has failed the helicopter). We will remind, that day about 13. 00 local time in area Ust - Rolling has fallen and helicopter Robinson behind which steering wheel there was pilot Dmitry Lubov has broken, in a cabin there was his brother, Vladimir. Both of them were lost.

- Conclusions the POPPY are unequivocal: helicopter wreck has occurred from - for errors of the pilot, - the head Perm MRSO on transport of the Ural SOU on transport of Investigatory committee has told Ildar Salahiev, at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation . - Tragedy priozoshla not from - for technical malfunctions, not because of infringements from engineering services of Open Society airline Geliks not from - for inactivity of dispatching services.

This departure was made for the only purpose: to execute run of the engine of the aircraft for forthcoming sale of the helicopter.   flight was made nesanktsionirovanno, without the coordination with the organisation of air traffic and the notification message of the dispatcher of local control office Perm and also without a radio communication. Inspectors say that Dmitry Lubov has exceeded a high-speed mode and has not calculated an angle of attack.

On the data the moment the consequence proceeds. Inspectors check, a leah the labour legislation has been broken.