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Over Chelyabinsk has hung two sun

the Fantastic picture has drawn the sky in a past week-end. To admire at once two stars has had the luck inhabitants of Lenin area.

- We walked Sunday morning and have suddenly seen that passers-by look upwards, click cameras, - our reader Paul tells. - as if the sun is reflected in a curve mirror. And its double so bright, but extended. Acquaintances have assumed that it is beams were beaten out from - for clouds, but I the eyes saw that the sky clear.
weather forecasters could explain the unusual phenomenon.

- Most likely, it was galo, which else name a mock sun, - the chief of department of weather forecasts Chelyabinsk gidromettsentra tells Nadezhda Jachmeneva. Is a rare optical phenomenon in the nature, connected with refraction of sun rays. Such happens at low position of the sun, on a decline or on rising. When in air soars thousand crystals - something like an ice dust. And also at transition of temperatures with warm on the frosty. Weather in a past week-end contributed in it.

Galo happens different forms - in the form of circles, columns, is more rare cross-shaped. In the people there is a sign: if the sun with ears - wait for frosts. And it has turned out - the present winter has come to Chelyabinsk. Last time the similar phenomenon was observed sixteen years ago on December, 30th on the Revolution area.

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