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Lithuania closes stadiums, sportsmen run on foreign land

Representatives of sports federations and Department of sports of the country sound alarm being afraid that next year almost half having reduced financing   it is necessary to close operating sports establishments, and sportsmen of professionals to force to search for means for trainings abroad.

According to Department of sports, the power of Vilnius have planned to take down the largest pool on the area, and a site to sell to private businessmen. Some years ago the same fate has comprehended pool, in which   Have grown   champions of the USSR and the Olympic games of Robertas Zhulpa and Lina Kachushite.

In an awful status there is also the largest stadium of capital. On its place it is planned to build shopping centre and high-rise buildings.   despite a poor kind in 60 - h years of last century the constructed stadium still breathes - there till now train a known soccer team Zhalgiris and a youthful national team.

Building of new stadium is too expensive for the authorities of Vilnius. Therefore to dream that our football players when or will get on the World championship there is no basis. It seems that sports to the authorities become a burden , - the president of Federation of Football of Lithuania regrets.

Crisis has struck not only on football, suffers affliction and diskometatel, the world champion and the Olympic games of Virginijus Aljakna to which at all competitions in a nape the athlete from Estonia Gerd Kanter constantly breathes.

the Lithuanian athlete is urged to search for means for   Trainings abroad, in the homeland - there is no place. The place in park where V.Aljakna threw a disk, has turned to a platform for vygula dogs. The champion simply has no place to be developed among animals.

Difficultly it is necessary also to the basketball players, therefore many have already left to protect glory of teams of Russia. The director of department of Sports has noticed that only thanks to funds   the European Union in 2011 the European championship on basketball in Lithuania nevertheless will take place.