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Matvienko will send officials to knit socks

Head to Northern capital has decided to look personally as in Petersburg put things in order, and remained is very dissatisfied. The passers-by skipping on snowdrifts which have been filled up with snow court yard and stops - all this sad picture has called Valentina Matvienko`s anger. It has put before kommunalshchikami rigid terms. All needs to be cleaned by February, 1st. Reprisals otherwise will follow.

- After February, 1st I will do conclusions on heads of all levels, including in Smolnom, administrations of areas, zhilkomservisah, -   has told the governor. - will not consult - will be engaged in other work. To knit socks in the evenings.

To be engaged nadomnym in work officials obviously do not want. Therefore promised all to execute in time. A leah there will be dismissals, or remain only words it becomes already clear in two weeks.

By the way, weather forecasters do not promise new snowfalls.

Technics of knitting of socks (the instruction for teapots and for the dismissed officials)

Socks we knit on five spokes. Quantity of loops at a set - multiple to four. Depending on density and quality of threads for one pair it is spent from 70 to 150 g wool.

to learn, how much loops it is necessary to type Calculation of knitting of socks on spokes in the work beginning, it is necessary to take two measures: a circle of a foot at a stone and on lifting (fig. 1 see). Knowing these sizes, we define an average circle of a foot. It is for this purpose put both measures and we divide result into two.  
so, for example, 1 - I a measure - 23 sm, 2 - I the measure - 27 see  
Hence, 23 sm + 27 sm = 50 sm;   50 sm: 2 = 25 see

fig. 1 Measurement of a foot

Thus, in our example we count quantity of loops in 25 see Then we define density of knitting for a cuff and it is typed the necessary quantity of loops. In our example it is typed 60 loops.

Technology of knitting of socks

we Start to knit a sock from a cuff. We use an elastic band 1 h 1 or 2 h 2 more often. The height of a usual cuff - from 5 to 8 sm, and double - from 8 to 12 see At cuff knitting it is possible to use a double elastic band. The height of such cuff should not exceed 2-3 see we Knit a cuff on two, and the basic part of a sock - on five spokes.
a double elastic band it is possible to knit a cuff and on five spokes. In this case we type in one and a half time of more loops, than it is required by calculation for the basic pattern. The quantity of loops on each spoke should be even:  
1 - j the circle - obverse provjazyvaem, iznanochnye is removed (a thread before a loop);  
2 - j the circle - obverse is removed (a thread behind a loop), iznanochnye we knit.
at transition from cuff knitting to the basic vjazke we diminish loops in regular intervals on all number, provjazyvaja on two together in a knitted cloth. Having finished a cuff, we knit the basic viscous from 4-8 sm (at will) to a heel.

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