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In Petersburg will treat on Moslem customs

to Register in an appointment in Muslim polyclinic it is possible already now. Doctors - therapists, surgeons, neuropathologists and gynecologists will carry investigation according to all traditions.   for practising Islam it is extremely important, after all many procedures and preparations of traditional Russian medicine break the customs of Moslems much of them are simply inadmissible.

- In Islamic medicine of women can survey exclusively   doctors - women, men - men. Exists as an interdiction on spirtosoderzhashchie medicines and preparations in which structure there are enzymes of animals, including pigs.   to Moslems to use pork it is strictly forbidden in any kind, therefore we use medicines with synthetic analogues, - have told to the correspondent in Muslim polyclinic Abu Ali ibn Sina .

Services in Muslim polyclinic paid, but their set is now limited. Expensive devices of an electrocardiogram, a X-ray and so forth are not bought yet But it is possible to pass inspection and to receive directions in other medical institutions. Is, truth, and advantage - in polyclinic works the expert in circumcision carrying out.

Doctors and hospital attendants in the majority Tatars and Tadjiks on a nationality. All with experience and necessary licences.


Abu Ali ibn Sina - the scientist - the Encyclopaedist, the doctor, the philosopher. Its scientific legacy covers various areas of knowledge: philosophy, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, mineralogy, poetry, music and etc. the Main work of Ibn Siny - the Canon of a medical science .

the Skilled surgeon, Ibn Sina has given the detailed anatomic description of the person, but its special contribution consisted in research and the description of activity of a brain. Translated in 12 century On Latin language the Canon to 17 century ministered the basic management for the European physicians.