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Khabarovsk the Cupid has filled up the coin box with four points.

final matches of the next house series Khabarovsk the Cupid spent with the neighbour in the bottom part of standings in the battalion - Novokuznetsk the Metallurgist - also has filled up the coin box with four points.

Three of them had on a Sunday meeting when after the inexpressive first period owners of a platform have blown up activity in the second, during pair minutes having thrown two washers successively (R.Zakiev and S.Arekaev). And when in five minutes A.Krysanov realised the majority, it became clear that victories this evening the Cupid will not miss. And happens - 4:1 in advantage dalnevostochnikov (one more thrown washer in their numbers noted R.Hasanshin).

Where it is more difficult for the Khabarovsk hockey players there was a match next day. Already in a debut visitors have come forward, then they that is called, have hung up On the gate the huge lock (successfully operated on last boundary and the goalkeeper the Metallurgist

S.Bobrovsky). Try a key to it D.Ling who has evened up scores for six and a half minutes to a final siren could only.

After that the Cupid completely dominated on a platform, but to achieve one more victory over the basic rival to it it was not possible. Business has reached to bullitov where in absence in our collars of the expert in T.Moss`s penal throws (it in the middle of the second period was traumatised and has been replaced) there were more successfully visitors. But one point for a drawn game during the basic time has received and the Cupid .

So, having earned in pjatimatchevoj a house series eight points, our command continues a pursuit of the competitors who are applying for the post in plej - off . It will spend the nearest meetings in Ufa and Novosibirsk, and on January, 18th again will play at home - with Barysom from Astana. Informs the Pacific Star