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Simbirsk Michurin will take out on court

  Action will take place on January, 15th in 14. 00 in the Chimney hall of the Ulyanovsk regional scientific library of V.I.Lenin. With the report on life and activity known Ulyanovsk the agricultural botany and gardener A.D.Voejkova will act the research assistant of the Ulyanovsk regional museum of local lore of I.A.Goncharov Tatyana Gromova. About its role in development of agriculture Simbirsk - the Ulyanovsk edge and all country, a phenomenon of the person and continuation of business of A.D.Voejkova participants of a meeting - pupils, followers, clubmen of gardeners will tell.

Participants of action: regional specialists, historians, teachers of the Ulyanovsk high schools, students, schoolboys, library workers, the city public, readers of library, all to whom the native Volga region earth is not indifferent.


Alexander Dmitrievich Voejkov (1. 01. 1880 (12. 12. 1879) - 28. 05. 1944) - known Simbirsk agrobotanik and the gardener. In 1900 it has begun work on studying of fruit growing and vegetation of the Volga region. And already in 1902 in village Samajkino of Syzransky district of Simbirsk province has organised one of the largest in the Volga region pomologicheskih nurseries in which it has been collected more than two thousand grades fruit, berry and ornamental plants. In 1908 has opened at nursery school of gardening and a meteorological station. Within ten next years published the nursery catalogue - its production dispersed on all country. Nursery work has been noted by awards of agroexhibitions in Moscow, Tomsk and Simbirsk. Since 1914 A.D.Voejkov as the employee of Department of agriculture, was engaged in studying of gathering of herbs in the Volga region, to Crimea and on caucasus. Since 1919 worked in the Far East and in Manchzhurii where has created two large fruit nurseries. For years of the research work has let out more than 70 scientific articles devoted to questions of gardening, flora of the Volga region, the Far East and Manchzhurii.