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Penzentsy can help children from onkodispansera

the Action will organise the Penza fund У the Civil Union У. He invites all wishing to help children and to take part in open competition on design of a game room for small patients of children`s branch of the Penza oncological clinic.
competition within the limits of the charitable program " Is realised; a hope Spring У also it is organised because the children`s branch moves in the new repaired premise in which there is a game room which yet has been not equipped with furniture. In a room children will be engaged in creativity, board games, games on a floor and in the computer, and also will watch TV. Simultaneously children of different age from 1 till 18 years and the parents accompanying them on treatment there will spend time.

Take part in competition designers, advertising agencies can, students of profile specialities, and all those who is ready to help and has abilities to it.
in a game room, according to organizers of fund, there can be some sedentary places for TV viewing (диван+кресла+стуль€ or other combinations of furniture), 1 - 2 computers (in presence now there is one), the TV a diagonal 102 - 106 sm, cases for books, toys both etc. opened and closed, tables and chairs for children of different age, children`s game modules for games, the big table for creativity (probably folding), a mobile screen for an entrance aperture which is used from time to time necessarily.

necessary requirements - all pieces of furniture and decorative objects should suppose possibility of damp cleaning with disinfectant solutions; the furniture should not have textile details. Carpets are not supposed. Now there already there is jalousie at windows. Walls painting is impossible, ceilings and etc. the Bottom parts of cases should not be glass, the part of cases should have the lock. Low cost and technical simplicity of realisation of the project is important.

following the results of competition the best works will be exposed for the Internet - votings, and the winner will be chosen by program Board of trustees У a hope Spring У being based on results of voices in a virtual network. The project of the winner will be realised.

Details can be learnt on a site У Fund У