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Nalchane dry have reconciled with Kazakhs

the North Caucasian football clubs spending uchebno - training gathering in Turkey, the first control matches of inter-season period have played. Spartak - Nalchik has dispersed the world with Kazakh ZHetysu and Terek has prevailed against German Ertsgebirge .

the trainer`s staff nalchan has divided football players Into the Mediterranean on two groups. In one are engaged aksakals - players of the basic structure, in another the skills to experts are shown by the guys applying for signing of contracts with gladiators . The chance to prove in all beauty was presented to potential beginners on a course sparringa with Kazakhs from the command ZHetysu which Vait Talgaev (well-known to fans of sports on long and productive work with " supervises; Terek ) . For an hour and a half game time opponents and did not manage to afflict at least on time each other, dry a drawn game - 0:0. Following sparring from capital Kabardino - Balkarii plans to spend club on Saturday against a team from South Korea.  

At the same time Terek on Turkish coast   sorted out relations on a course of opposition with club of the third Bundesliga Ertsgebirge . The first time which groznentsy spent old guards, has come to the end with the productive world - 2:2 (at southerners Shamil Asildarov and Stefan Essame have caused a stir). In second half of meeting in the field as a part of North Caucasians there were basically young players who have managed to incline a bowl of scales in the party and to gain viktoriju - 3:2 (the victorious goal has hammered come back of business trip in Tom` Alexander Smirnov).  


the Romanian attacking Daniel to the Punk yet so a long time shining in Terek after end of term of the contract with groznentsami has signed the one-and-a-half-year labour agreement with the Bulgarian CSKA. It is remarkable that in the Sofia army team the compatriot to the Punk also recently protecting colours of the Chechen command - the halfback   already acts; Florentin Peter.