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Valuevu sew new business

This time Kohl incriminate deliberate causing to the victim of corporal harm of average weight. We will remind that the court decision on the first business ordered to the Beast to pay from the East of 100 thousand roubles for compensation of moral harm, plus of 30 thousand penalty for drawing of a light damage to health of the security guard. Valuev has agreed was to give Sergeevu that has obliged court. But by this time new charge has come.

- Again the routine will be, - the lawyer of the Large man Sergey Solomonov complains. - and the limitation period on again raised business expires only in 2012. But I will make everything that my client has been justified.

the New coil of trial is connected by that last examination has revealed crises of edges of Sergeeva.

- On the first roentgenogram from January, 19th, 2006 crises are not fixed. And here on a picture made already after an exit of Sergeeva from clinic on February, 2nd of the same year, traces of crises have appeared. But for this time interval the security guard could where - that to slip, fall But at what here Valuev?

the protection Party to rejoice not to hurry up:

- While I did not see the court conclusion, therefore in detail make comments I can nothing, - the lawyer of the victim Alexander Zavaruev has told. - But if really such decision is it is unique correct development of a situation.

it does not see Any discrepancies in charges.

- the Expert has explained that during manufacturing of the first picture the equipment could be adjusted incorrectly, - Zavaruev continues. - Such happens. Sergeys were made by a repeated picture because has felt: in hospital it treated with disrespect. Being in clinic, break edges it could not. So the second picture reflects a true picture.

Nikolay Valuev repeatedly declared that it has rather influential ill-wisher which name he would not want to name.