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In Minsk search unreceptive to a pork flu

In Minsk have started to study the immune status of capital inhabitants to define to find those who is unreceptive to a virus of a flu And (H1N1).

As has informed BelaPAN managing epidemiological department of the Minsk city centre of hygiene and epidemiologii Elena Fisenko, already is now conducted gathering of a material necessary for work: blood whey minchan.

doctors spend Selection that is called blindly : a casual method select among available blood of those who was converted behind the help to physicians. In total studying of the immune status minchan needs 500 whey of blood, is already selected 350.

Blood will check up on immunity to various viruses of a flu, including to pandemicheskomu to a flu And (H1N1). It will be made by means of Russian the test - systems. It is expected that they will enter Minsk in the end of January, and by February all works will be finished.

As a result it becomes known, about circulation of a different flu in capital. It becomes a basis for the forecast - epidemic will be how much strong. In turn, it will affect measures against it, for example, a leah will buy an additional vaccine from And (H1N1).


According to World Health Organization, for January, 8th more than 208 countries and stranovyh territories have informed on laboratory confirmed cases pandemicheskogo a flu And (H1N1). The virus became the reason of 12 thousand 799 fatal cases.