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The guy to death has hammered in the stepfather a hammer

Yesterday in the morning, on January, 13th, in one of garages near to apartment houses in the centre of settlement Oaklets have found out the spoilt corpse of the man. The victim was in one underwear with the connected hands and a package on a head, that is with obvious signs of violent death. That this murder, did not call any doubts.
it is literally in some hours police officers have detained suspected of this cruel crime. The local resident, the young guy who had the stepson to the killed has appeared it. The arrested person in all admitted at once.

- The act he has explained to that the man has got its tricks, regular wine parties and idleness, - Michael Belojarov has informed the deputy chief ROVD of the Yaroslavl area. - yesterday the patience of the young man has burst, and he has decided to finish a roommate of mother once and for all.

the Guy has seized a hammer and began them to beat the stepfather on a head and a body while that has not died. Then it has dragged off a body to garages and has thrown, and for reliability also a plot to it on a head a cellophane package. Inspectors have an assumption what to move and connect the victim to the young man the his sister helped.

Now the suspect criminal case is detained, brought, investigation is made.