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In Petersburg becomes more spacious and to be cleared up

the Situation with snow-covered streets in Petersburg began more purely - literally words. For two days promise to clear away a city good few. In plans of city committee on an accomplishment and a road economy from January, 14 till January, 15th to put in order following streets:

- Kalininsky area will clean snowdrifts with Polytechnical, the Tihoretsky prospectus, Lenin`s Area, street Zamshina from Half-Justrovsky avenue to Blucher`s avenue, from Zhukov`s street from Feodosijsky street to the Kondratevsky prospectus. Will release from snow Metallistov from street Zamshina to Kondratevsky avenue, Half-Justrovsky avenue from Sredneohtinsky avenue to Piskarevsky avenue, the Half-Justrovsky prospectus from Zhukov`s street to the Lithuanian street and on the Education prospectus.

- Krasnogvardejsky area from snow will clear Highway of Revolution of avenue Energetikov to Potapov`s street, street Lensky from the prospectus of Trainers to Commune street, highway of Revolution from the prospectus Metallistov, street Lensky from the Industrial prospectus to the prospectus of Trainers, April, Potapov from the Irinovsky prospectus.

- streets Parachute, Shishmarevsky will start to clean Seaside area with street School, the prospectus the Queen, Pokrysheva, Ilyushin, the technician will walk on avenue the Queen, to Seaside highway, Karelian and streets ShCherbakova.

- the Vyborg area will tidy up on Torzhkovsky, Omsk, Big Sampsonievsky, Educations, the Wood prospectus, street Novorossisk, on the Institute prospectus, Engels, Ho Chi Minh,   Artists, Lunacharsky, Specific, Composers. Have not forgotten and about road on Kamenku and Nissan .

- In Vasileostrovsky area will clean 2 - 3 lines from Average avenue to the Big avenue, 6 - 7 lines from Schmidt`s emb. to the Big avenue Street Havana, the even party of New Smolensk quay.

- in the Admiralty area becomes more spacious on Decembrists from Voznesensky avenue to emb. of the river of the Buckle, the Lermontovsky prospectus, Small and Big Kazachem a lane, Bronnitsky street, the Serpukhov street, Civil, Exchequer, quay of the channel of Griboedov of Voznesensky avenue to Joiner`s and Theatrical square Will clear   as 6 - 7 - ju   and 13 th Krasnoarmejsky street.

- Krasnoselsky area snow will take out from street Zaharova from the prospectus of marshal Zhukov to Valour street, from the Peterhof highway to the prospectus of the National Home guard. Will clean Lenin`s prospectus from Kingesepsky sh. To Tallinn sh. And street Armoured from Spirin to Strelninsky.

- In the Kirov area from snowdrifts will relieve Industrial of the Kalininsky area before Strikes, Defensive, Zoes Kosmodemjansky from the prospectus of Strikes to street Barrikadnoj. M.Kazakova`s avenue from avenue of Strikes, Lenin avenue Local journey. Street Krasnoputilovsky from M.Zhukov`s avenue to Komsomol square, and also Leni Golikova street from avenue N. Home guards to avenue of Strikes, street T. Hrustitsky from avenue of Veterans to avenue N. Home guards.

- the Moscow area from snow will clear on Chernigov, Lenin avenue, quay of the Bypass channel, along the street Gagarin of Kuznetsovsky street to Bassejnoj, street Lensoveta, Demonstration, 5 - uju Preport, N - Rybinsk street, Ordzhonikidze.

- In the Frunze area will clean street Borovuju, Rasstannuju, Turku from the Sofia street to the Prague street, Kupchinsky from Dundicha and street Bucharest.

- the Neva area will clean from street Grandmother`s, National from Far East avenue to avenue of Bolsheviks. Will clear October quay of Cindery street to Volodarsky of the bridge, the prospectus of Solidarity from Dybenko to Podvojsky.

- the Central area: Street Gagarinsky, Shpalernaja, To. Zaslonova, Nekrasov, 8 - I the Soviet street, Telezhnaja from Kharkov, an Arts Square, Nekrasov`s street, Ostrovsky`s Area, Novgorod and Kremenchug.

- in Petrograd area today and tomorrow the snow-removing technics will work on Chkalovsk the prospectus from Levashovsky to quay Karpovki, along the street Vishnevsky, on the Kamennoostrovsky prospectus, the Petrovsky area. Will clear the Officer lane, street of the Red Cadet, Rjuhina, the World of Kronverksky street to Kamennoostrovsky avenue, the Austrian area, street of the World from street Kotovsk to M. of Monetary street, the Singing lane, Pharmaceutical emb. (along houses and under the Kantemirovsky bridge). And also Petrograd quay, Monchegorsk street, Krasnoselsky, Ropshinsky, Voskova, Kropotkina and the Kronverksky prospectus.