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The rise in prices for dairy products is unreasonable

Minister Valery Kosarchuk has declared at session of Advice of manufacturers and pererabotchikov milk that the enterprises have not co-ordinated a raising of the prices with Advice which is authorised to make similar decisions, besides manufacturers have not carried out the analysis of a state of affairs in branch.

according to the minister, the ministry does not intend to interfere with formation of the prices and in economic activities of the enterprises, however supports cooperation which would exclude autocratic and unreasonable jumps of the prices for dairy products .

Representatives of factories consider urged the increase called as traditional reduction having bothered during the winter period, and massive illegal import, packing rise in price. The ministry management has suggested to spend on January, 20th special session of Advice for discussion of formation and estimation of cost of dairy products. For participation in session representatives of trade will be invited also.

the dairy enterprises of Moldova have increased the prices for production on the average on 3 - 4 %.