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The tourist organisations warn: the rise in price of visas will lower inflow of tourists to Belarus

the Republican union of the tourist organisations (RSTO) has directed the reference to authorities in which concern in connection with change in Belarus a visa policy is expressed, writes BelaPAN.

we Will remind, since January, 1st, 2010, with coming into force of the Especial part of the Tax code, the visa to Belarus, opened in the national airport, have risen in price three times - with 60 to 180 euros - for citizens from the countries where there is a Belarus consulate.

With 60 to 90 euros cost of visas to citizens from the states where the Belarus consulate is not present has increased.

Thus for citizens of the USA gathering for the visa is established in 275 euros. In consulates of Belarus in the EU countries gathering for the visa makes 60 euros, possibility of reception of cheaper tourist visa is abolished.

As has explained BelaPAN director RSTO Valentine Tsehmejster, representatives of tourist`s branch in the letter have expressed concern that the increase in cost of visas will lead to considerable reduction of foreigners driving to the country. These innovations were unexpected for Minsporta who always spoke about necessity of softening of a visa regime.

as consider in RSTO, money should be earned not increase of cost of visas, and, to the contrary, introduction of measures which as much as possible contribute in attraction of foreigners in the country. The increase in a stream of foreign tourists, in turn, will contribute in development of many branches of a national economy, including transport and building. The letter with these arguments is directed to Presidential Administration, ministerstvy the finance, foreign affairs, under taxes and tax collections, sports and tourism.

the Adviser of department for tourism of Minsporta also considers that change of a visa policy will negatively be reflected in entrance tourism. As she said, Minsporta supports reference RSTO.

- Today the ministry brings up a question on that cost of visas to reduce and make its adequate, to enter a visa-free regime with other countries, - she has told