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Near Tula poisonous chemicals poison soil and water

with Upravlenie Rosselhoznadzora on the Tula and Lipetsk areas was converted into nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor with the request - to inspect in settlement Ozerensky Venevsky area of the Tula area.

During check it was found out that in territory of area near three settlements Knjazhevo, Communards and the Corduroy road it is open-air stored an order of 5 tons of pesticides and agrochemicals, - informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Tula area.

Moreover substances are stored in the spoilt packings. Any interested person can easy approach to chemicals, after all the place of their storage is protected by nothing.

the Tula interregional veterinary laboratory has carried out the analysis of substances and has found out that chemicals are very poisonous and should not be stored freely. If the given substances get to water or soil it not only will badly affect environment, but also serious harm to health of the person can do. He can even die of a heavy dose of chemicals.

On Monday, on January, 11th, 2010, the nature protection public prosecutor has brought representations to the first deputy of the head of administration of Venevsky area and the head of administration Ozerensky. The public prosecutor has demanded nemedlitelno to eliminate the given infringements.

the Tula nature protection public prosecutor has directed to Venevsky investigatory department of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on the Tula area materials of check for criminal case excitation.