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In the Buryat settlement Severomujsk has broken through a heating main

the Next failure on heating systems has occurred during week-end in the Buryat settlement Severomujsk on BAMe . Here on January, 16th from - for break of a heating main without heat there were 27 apartment houses . According to preliminary data, unavailability of a local boiler-house to a cold season became the main reason of state of emergency.

Kommunalshchiki have quickly started to patch holes. This very day distances warmly in nine houses, still in 18 - ti on - former it is cold. in 40 - gradusnye frosts of 200 persons freeze in the houses .

- We have bypassed each apartment, have looked, as people struggle with a cold, - chapter poselkovogo municipality Tatyana Potjakova has told . - Unfortunately, temperature in apartments very low. People are urged to include electroheaters, but even with them the temperature above 10 degrees does not rise.

- pressure has sharply fallen, there was a water leak in a heating system, - has explained the head of municipal area Mujsky area Larissa Anashkina . - For break elimination it was necessary in 40 - gradusnyj a frost in manual to punch the one-and-a-half-metre chilled layer of earth. But the undertaken measure of result has not given - next day the boiler-house has been almost stopped.

now in Severomujske is created a staff on liquidation of consequences of failure , on a place of state of emergency the summary commission of the government of Buryatiya in common with rescuers and kommunalshchikami works. In settlement four repair brigades work. According to local authorities, the boiler-house already managed to be started, impulses in heating system are almost eliminated, it is necessary to warm water in houses where it is necessary. The chairman of KCHS Junus Kasimov has assured us by phone that a recovery work goes at full speed.

According to local residents, heating mains in some microdistricts Severomujska are worn strongly out, were not under repair since
the building beginnings BAM and. It is natural that they do not maintain such strong frosts - water simply freezes in the decayed pipes. On a regeneration of the heating equipment the regional administration does not have not enough money. All means leave on purchase of coal and operating repair of boiler-houses.