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In the Omsk region illegal storage of the weapon has led to tragedy

Maxim Kazakov has arrived from village Orlovka to Omsk to buy a fowling piece. After the journey it has gone at once on the Cossack market. There the man has illegally bought the weapon and 10 cartridges to it. Any documents on storage of the weapon at it was not.
Having come back home, the hunter - the fan some times descended with this gun on hunting. And has then noticed that the weapon trunk is hurt. Then Maxim has decided to make a sawn-off shotgun of the spoilt gun.

As - that in the evening at Kazakova of the house visitors have gathered. After a long and cheerful walk the owner has gone to bed. And his brother was at this time in a room where the sawn-off shotgun was stored.
in the middle of night Maxim has heard a sound of a shutter of the weapon. It has there and then risen from a bed to ask the brother to cease to play with a gun. But without having had time to reach a room, the man has heard a shot.
Cossacks has stiffened in horror when has entered into a room to the brother. That lay on a floor with prostreljannoj a chest. Knowing that in the house there is a gun, the guy tried to commit suicide. After tragedy it was found out that it any more its first attempt to commit suicide.  

- Now on the given case investigation is conducted. Kazakovu threatens till 4 years of imprisonment for illegal acquisition, storage, carrying of the weapon and ammunition. And his brother now is in hospital in a grave condition, - the assistant to the public prosecutor of Sargatsky area Alexander Lobishchev has told.  

* the Name and a surname of the participant of history are changed