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Kreshchensky bathings in the main lake of Ekaterinburg - Shartashe officially start at 14 o`clock

Today, on January, 19th, an archbishop Ekaterinburg and Verhotursky Vikenty will head religious procession and will consecrate water of 8 fonts on lake Shartash. That is, it will consecrate one ice-hole which has been cut down crosswisely, but automatically water will be consecrated and in all the others iordanjah.

this night orthodox and not only, have with might and main started to master some fonts in lake. As officially the rank of sanctification of water has already taken place more close by the night on January, 18th in Eve of epiphany in a temple nearby - Piously - Troitsk the Temple on Shartashe. From this point on it is considered that all water in all nearest reservoirs (so and on Shartashe) became sacred and in it it is possible to wash off sins. In it the most part orthodox also was engaged and is simple fans morzhevanija. By the way, church-goers have started to take water in temples (same Voznesenija Gospodnja) still since yesterday.

But on Shartashe of fans of night bathing in kreshchenskoj to water on the night of January, 19th the small surprise expected: for a parking of cars took 100 roubles. And according to some information, on 50 roubles for possibility to visit in private commercial the font which have been cut down by some enterprising experts. What is strange as inspection on small size vessels on Shartashe has officially registered all ice-holes for Christian sacramental.

the Press - the secretary of Archdiocese Boris Kossinsky recognised as possible a payment for a parking as it is not included into church department, but denies collection of a payment for abiding in the consecrated water, especially after it will be consecrated with lord Vikenty.  
the Main sanctification of Shartasha by lord Vikentiem should pass today in the presence of representatives of a city administration and, by tradition, mayor Arcady Chernetsky. Thereby will open officially kreshchenskie bathings. For vip - representatives and for those who hesitates to seem in public without clothes, special tents will be opened. It is expected that to iordanjam will approach not less than 20 thousand persons, and will dare to plunge no more than 9 - 10 thousand.