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In Kirov the teenager plundered booths with a pneumatic pistol

Than the child would not play, only not the weapon... On 17 - letie to one Kirov schoolboy have presented money. The presented sum has sufficed on a pistol. Not present, of course, and who present - that has sold   - the minor boy. On pneumatic, but to horror similar to the present. And with this weapon the boy has gone to make exploits .

- the First booth he has decided to plunder at Crimson sails - the senior assistant to public prosecutor Vladlena Lopatin tells. - has pushed a hand with a pistol in a window. Has distorted a shutter and began to demand at kioskershi a gain. But the woman could push out a hand with the weapon (as she has thought, the present pistol of Makarova). Also has slammed a window. And here the guy has decided to plunder the second booth not simply so. At first has thrown in a window to kioskershe a cat, probably, remembering the previous failure. And then has already catechized on the woman a pistol. But also here it was comprehended by failure - the seller has had time to slam a window.

the Boy for a rage has started to scorch on booth glasses. Some apertures till now decorate show-windows. And has then escaped, having been frightened that the seller will call militia. And the militia, fortunately, has appeared nearby. The teenager running by night has interested patrolmen. By the car they have approached to prostreljannomu to a booth. Took indications from the saleswoman. Also have without delay caught the Kirov night robber.

- If the teenager has reached full age age, to it would threaten from 7 till 12 years of imprisonment for robbery, - makes comments on Vladlena Lopatin. - and till five years of imprisonment for hooliganism. But term is cut by the minor by half. The sentence is not taken out yet. There is a consequence.

Parents knew that on the presented money the teenager has bought the pneumatic weapon. And to walk in the evening (and it made crimes after 23 hours) it released. And money for alcohol were. It turns out, fault of parents too is. Have overlooked.