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180 singers and dancers have arrived to Penza on a charitable concert

On an orthodox forum in Penza young men from all areas of area have gathered. It passed in Penza on January, 16th, and has been organised by the Penza and Kuznetsk archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Church, together with Management of internal policy of the Government of the Penza region. At a forum discussed spiritual life of modern people, moral criteria of youth, their participation in church life. Before youth an archbishop Volokolamsk Ilarion, the vicar of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, the chairman of Department of external church communications of the Moscow patriarchy has acted.

however an archbishop has arrived to Penza not only to act at a forum. It privezh in our city the product - the Christmas oratorio . Townsmen could look at it on January, 17th, in concern to a hall the Dawn . Singers and musicians of the Academic symphonic orchestra of the Saratov regional philharmonic society of a name of A. G.Shnitke, the Saratov Provincial theatre of choral music, the Academic chorus of the Saratov state conservatory of a name of L. V.Sobinova executed an oratorio. All musicians, 180 persons, have specially arrived to Penza for one performance.

For penzentsev this concert - is exclusive, as in Russia it was executed while only in Moscow, Saratov, Vyatka, and abroad - in the USA.

- the money raised for tickets will be directed to children`s homes of the Penza region, needy and to large families, and also elderly and the seriously ill patient to people, - informs a press - service of the government of area.