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In Tatarstan bury fur-trees

In Naberezhnye Chelny for recycling of fur-trees management companies undertook. Townspeople take out showered coniferous trees to an entrance, and kommunalshchiki on the transport them collect and carry in a special open-cast mine. Every day from a city take out on recycling on 8 - 10 tractors with served   the New Year trees and pines. In an open-cast mine Gorzelenhoza dump also those trees that and remained not sold for time of feasts.

- For 10 - 12 years all of them will turn to organic fertilizer, - experts speak.

Till the end of January recycling of fur-trees manages chelninskim to management companies twice more cheaply - the concession fare operates. And timber enterprises this year managed to earn from 185 to 250 roubles for a fur-tree - depending on tree height.

the hand on the green beauty   has not risen this time; at local poachers: Employees of ecological militia have not caught in wood of any infringer with an axe. Have fined only businessmen who sold fur-trees in unstated for this purpose places - on 16 persons reports are made.