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The oxygen equipment at the Instant has refused on - to the present

Yesterday we have told that on Monday, on January, 18th, at the airport Big Savino the plane the Instant - 31 which had malfunctions has landed - has refused oxygen oorudovanie (more in detail the Instant Crash landing in the Big Savin was doctrines). It would seem, anything secret. But see you in the evening Tuesday on different departments there passed the different information on the reasons of state of emergency. One said that there was a failure. Others - that there passed doctrines and the pilot has only sounded a legend about ostensibly taking place breakage to check up, how emergency services will operatively react. This version, by the way, on Monday to us have sounded and in the regional ministry of public security.

As affairs actually were, could tell only in the Ministry of Defence of Russia.

- Doctrines were not. I do not know, whence such data, - have noted yesterday a press - the secretary of Management a press - services and information of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on Military - to air forces Vladimir Drik . - At the plane the Instant - 31 has occurred refusal of work of the oxygen equipment. But as a result of competent actions of the pilot the plane usual order (I underline: not emergency) has made landing in base airdrome. In this incident there is nothing extraordinary: oxygen starvation arises only at flight at height more than 4 thousand metres, and the Instant - 31 was below this mark. So any danger to life of the pilot was not.