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The government will put things in order in trade

the Government intends to put things in order in domestic trade as considers a crime against citizens a situation when in one of the poorest countries in region the highest prices for consumer goods " operate;.

Vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Economics Valery Lazer has assumed that the reason of the high prices for consumer goods is high cost of commercial transactions.

it is not normal, when profitability in trade - 500 %, - the minister considers.

it has shown discontent and concerning quality of the goods in the market.

- in the country one thousand and one supervising structure, and the consumer all the same buys poor-quality production, - Lazer considering maintenance of worthy life of people and protection of the rights of the consumer by the pivotal purpose of the state has told.

He has informed that the government develops the bill of domestic trade which urged to exclude existing problems of the market for the decision of this problem. The document is developed by new management - on commercial policies.

Lazer has told that the government also should analyse a situation in a network of retail trade and services of the Union of consumer cooperation Moldkoop . It has expressed a regret because Moldkoop does not invest in development of an infrastructure of means, and does not involve investments from outside.

before premieres - minister Vladimir Filat also declared that at the government many questions to " have collected; Moldkoopu in particular, about that, as to owners of actives of these enterprises, the documents confirming a share of their participation, a status of objects.

the sales volume of consumer goods in shops for 11 months 2009 has made 17,93 billion leev ($1,45 billion), having decreased on 4,6 % in comparison with 2008 Reduction is caused, basically, decrease almost on 10 % of sales neprodovolstvennyh. Trade in products on which share it is necessary hardly to more third of volume of retail trade, has grown on 5,1 %.